Some Panoramas Taken with My iPhone

These shots were taken with the Pano iPhone application, available for $2.99 from the app store.

At the BART station. I managed to get the train coming in the last shot.

The Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley. My office is in the middle, and that's a work-study student on the left, and Alisha Klatt hiding behind the calendar on the right.

Lunch with @CalCondor, @aklatt and @harto at the UC Berkeley J-School Courtyard.

In one of the newsrooms at the J-School during a class on programming for the iPhone.

I stepped back to take an even wider shot. Liz (in yellow shirt) moved between shots, so there's now two of her. I should have been quicker.

The 19th Street BART station just after I missed the damn train. At least no one was around when I took this picture.

Just a few minutes later when I was on the BART. Because it was moving, you'll see two different scenes in the windows on the left. I was trying to be covert as people don't usually like their picture taken.

Just when I got off the BART train in Berkeley. I ran into Jerry Monti by pure coincidence.

Al Gore came to speak near our school. Crowds don't work so well in panos I've found out. They move too much.

J-School hallway. This one didn't turn out so great because of a transition in the middle.